You, Me, We

Who: Preschool students
When: 90 minutes session once a week. Duration: 12 weeks.
Where: Casa di Gioia, via Vincenzo Monti 18, Roma

Why: This group aims to promote success in interactions with peers. We focus on increasing capabilities in self-regulation, which is the foundation for social and emotional development. Additionally, we will work with children to promote strategies to effectively interact with others, manage turn taking, problem solving and teach the beginnings of self-reflection.

“You Me We” Group addresses the underlying components of social-emotional development through fun activities:
Emotional regulation: the ability to manage intense emotions, while maintaining engagement with others
Non-verbal communication: 80% of communication is relayed non-verbally. Truly understanding what a person is saying goes beyond the words they are using, to include interpreting facial expressions and gestures. This is the key to sustaining quality interactions
Social problem-solving: the ability to work through a problem with someone else, considering another person’s’ intentions and perspective. This is the foundation for social success both inside and outside of school

How: All activities will take place in a fun and interactive group setting. Therapists are trained in total development and will take social-emotional development into consideration throughout the group to ensure a positive experience for all children.