Who: Primary school students
When: 90 minutes session once a week. Duration: 12 weeks.
Where: Casa di Gioia, via Vincenzo Monti 18, Roma
Why: This group aims to promote postural control, sustained trunk-head-neck contractions, to allow students to be more available for learning.
Decreased postural control is easily seen when a child is constantly leaning up against walls/tables, inability to maintain a seated position for long periods of time without wiggling around excessively, tiring more easily than other kids his/her age. When a child is putting a lot of subconscious effort into sustaining their body position upright, like at a desk, their brain is less available for learning.
Superhero Group addresses the underlying components of postural control through fun activities.

Low muscle tone: some children with decreased postural control have low muscle tone. Low muscle tone is often seen in the “Floppy child” who seems to have little control of their body. Our activities will stimulate the body in such a way to activate muscles and promote awareness of where his/her body is in space.
Reflex integration: everyone is born with an innate motor repertoire (reflexes) that helps us adapt to the environment as babies develop new motor skills. As a child grows, reflexes become integrated and motor responses become intentional. When reflex integration doesn’t happen naturally in development, this impacts motor systems ability to work efficiently.
Postural control: Superhero needs a stable base that is achieved by strengthening core muscles. Having a stable and aligned trunk provides the foundation for limb and head control during gross and fine motor tasks

How: All activities will take place in a fun and interactive group setting. Therapists are trained in total development and will take social-emotional development into consideration throughout the group to ensure a positive experience for all children.