Sensational Kids

Who: Primary school students
When: 90 minutes session once a week. Duration: 12 weeks.
Where: Casa di Gioia, via Vincenzo Monti 18, Roma
Why: In order to pay attention for long periods of time throughout the school day and to be available for higher level learning a child must be well-regulated. Being well regulated begins on the foundational level of taking in sensory stimuli and integrating it into the body. This group focuses on integrating the sensory system and helping kids become more self-aware of what helps their body feel good so that they can pay attention.

“Sensational kids” addresses the underlying components of attention through fun activities.

Sensory Processing: everyone has different strategies for paying attention. Some people need lots of movement to pay attention, others need to chew gum, others hum when they’re focused. All of these are sensory strategies to support attention. Sensory input is necessary to promote a state of alertness and arousal, which is necessary to be ready for learning. If a child is in an under-arousal or over-arousal state they will not be able to efficiently take in information from the teacher or environment about the lesson to make sense of it in their brain.

Self-awareness: in order to implement sensory strategies that support attention a person needs a good understanding of what their body needs and how they can get it in a way that is appropriate for the school setting. This group will help students learn about their own profile and increase awareness of what helps them pay attention, so that they can independently utilize strategies to promote classroom success

How: All activities will take place in a fun and interactive group setting. Therapists are trained in total development and will take social-emotional development into consideration throughout the group to ensure a positive experience for all children.