Kids in Action

Who: Preschool students
When: 90 minutes session once a week. Duration: 12 weeks.
Where: Casa di Gioia, via Vincenzo Monti 18, Roma
Why: Many children need to move their bodies more to understand their relationship to gravity, and know where their body is in space. These children may have difficulty regulating and controlling their movement during class, noted by frequent movement seeking, and/ or may appear lethargic which impacts their ability to be readily engaged and activated for classroom learning. This group focuses on sensory regulation and modulation of movement in a small group context.

Kids in Action uses fun activities to support development of:

Sensory Processing:
Sensory input is necessary to promote a state of alertness and arousal, which is necessary to be ready for learning. If a child is in an under-arousal or over-arousal state they will not be able to efficiently take in information from the teacher or environment about the lesson to make sense of it in their brain.
Sensory modulation: Children with sensory processing differences have difficulty with organizing the sensory input within their brainstem, and as a result, these children need help to contain their behavior after participating in sensory based activities.
Postural control: Children with differences in the vestibular and proprioceptive systems, often show difficulty with posture and holding their body against gravity. In the classroom, they find it difficult to sit up and are frequently noted to prop to support themselves, lean on peers or furniture, or are frequently fidgeting and moving to help keep their muscle tone activated to support their attention.

How: All activities will take place in a fun and interactive group setting. Therapists are trained in total development and will take social-emotional development into consideration throughout the group to ensure a positive experience for all children.