Our Services

1) Individual evaluation and Therapy

Our success comes from our approach; we pride ourselves on the following:

  • Individualized: all treatment and goals take into consideration the unique sensory, motor, emotional, and language profiles of the child
  • Evolutionary: we take the time to find where the child is at developmentally and then treat the child as a whole, not just individual symptoms
  • Relationship-based: we recognize therapists, parents, and teachers relationship with the child can be harnessed as the catalyst of progress and make outcomes more meaningful

Regardless of why the child is coming to us our approach is to help each child build a solid foundation for: (1) engaging in relationships with others, (2) communicating effectively, and (3) expanding total development through interaction and discovery.

2) Boost Groups

Boost groups were born from the idea that development can be supported, before any type of negative outcome occurs, in a fun and interactive group setting. The main objective of this group intervention is to strengthen and boost specific areas of development which, in turn, helps to support and promote overall development.
Each group focuses on a different area:
1)Postural control (Superhero)
2) Attention/Sensory processing and integration ( Sensational kids) ,( Kids in Action)
3) Visual integration system (Eye Can Learn)
4) Handwriting ( Magic Hands) , (Happy Hands)
5) Social-Emotional development ( Community Builders), (You Me We )

3) Courses, Seminars and Parents Coaching

We offer training courses for both teachers and parents.

Parents are the key to successful children. Beyond parent’s involvement in the therapeutic process, we have organized specific trainings that are open to all parents

Our training courses are open to all interested teachers of any school. We believe teachers are the key to creating schools that are accessible to all learners and, therefore, we believe that teachers can spark a school revolution to shifting school culture.