Pamela Auger is an Occupational Therapist graduated from the Universidad Mayor of Santiago de Chile, and she has always been passionate about working with children.
Her academic background includes several studies in the field of childhood such as: a Diploma in Attachment and Early Care at the Universidad Catolica de Chile, a Master in Developmental Disorders and Learning Difficulties at the Università degli Studi di Torino, and a Postgraduate in Sensory Integration at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona.
Her works in the field of childhood begins in 2010, and counts several experiences with both public and private school systems, and inclusive classroom settings. In addition to being an Occupational Therapist, she is a Floral Therapist and works with Bach Flowers since 2013.
Pamela believes and feels that every child is unique and contains an entire world in itself, with own characteristics, interests and ideas, to be respected and considered. She also thinks that he is inseparable from the system in which he is immersed; therefore the best way to enhance the child development is to consider this system, working with parents and the school as a whole.