Amy Zier OTR/L, PhD (c)
Amy started Amy Zier & Associates, Inc. in 1997. During the last 10 years Amy has extended her practice to Italy and now splits time between Italy and Chicago teaching and supporting children with developmental challenges in schools, hospitals and private settings
across Italy.
Amy’s vision of unique spaces, coupled with the highest quality therapist training, and the advantages of employing therapists passionate about their role in supporting children and families became the essence of her practice.
Amy’s speciality is supporting emotional development in children by teaching parents key ways of relating the build this capacity. She is involved in training professionals how to use the DIR® relationship model and sensory integration approaches in clinical setting and school setting. Her belief is that forming an alliance with parents is key to empower them to
enhance their child’s development.
She has her SIPT certification and she is an expert training leader for DIR interventions,
providing courses, seminars, parent on-lines trainings in America and Italy.