6 Functional Emotional Developmental Levels

  • Level 1: Shared attention/regulation
    The ability to process the environment in a regulated way to allow for attention to the world and others


  • Level 2: Engagement
    The ability to stay engaged with another person while experiencing a range of emotions (positive and negative)


  • Level3: Reciprocity
    The ability to respond to and initiate back-and-forth communication with others


  • Level 4: Two-way, social problem solving
    The ability to engage in multiple circles of communication to solve a problem with another person


  • Level 5: Ideation, symbolic thinking
    Creating mental representations (ideas) and conveying ideas and intentions to others


  • Level 6: Emotional and Abstract thinking
    The ability to use emotional and logical thinking, think abstractly, communicate reasoning, and think reflectively to make connections between emotional ideas